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Love Funny Girls Blackpool?

Of course you do, who doesn't? Funny Girls in Blackpool is one of the major tourist attractions for groups and parties. With a world famous show and excellent atmosphere you're sure to enjoy every munite of what funny girls has to offer.

Sneak Peek at Funny Girls in Blackpool

Blackpool Nightlife

Blackpool is famed for its thriving nightlife and as a result, many people travel from across the country to get a taste of the action. Making a large contribution to its reputation are several pubs, bars and clubs aimed directly at the LGBT community. This element of Blackpool nightlife is partly responsible for the town becoming affectionately known as the 'Gay Capital of the North', in much the same way that Brighton is often described as the 'Gay Capital of the South'.

One especially prominent example of the type of gay bars Blackpool houses is 'Funny Girls', a burlesque cabaret bar, owned by Basil Newby, which has garnered international attention and celebrity endorsement since opening back in July 1994.